Chaos ahead again for commuters as weather proves unrelenting

Splashdown: Residents aired months for this problem to be fixed.
Splashdown: Residents aired months for this problem to be fixed.

With the Clyde coast battered by high winds, hail and snow today (Tuesday), commuters are once again being warned of travel chaos ahead.

For the third time this winter, Scotrail has taken the previously rare step of cancelling in advance all trains from Helensburgh and on the West Highland Line from noon tomorrow.

And police closed the snow gates on the A817 Haul Road through Glen Fruin this evening because of heavy snow.

Heavy rain has caused problems on may roads in recent weeks, but hope of an improvement might eventually be in sight for residents in one part of Kilcreggan.

During the frequent heavy rain a huge puddle formed near a corner of Shore Road in the village, with drivers sometimes unable to avoid soaking pedestrians.

It was reported to Argyll and Bute Council more than two months ago and engineers finally turned out this morning.

Carmel Kirby, whose teenage children have been drenched by the flooding in recent weeks, said: “We expect flooding at this time of year but a two month wait for repair at such a dangerous bend is beyond the pale.

“Pedestrians risk walking in the road at a blind bend or being drenched by a six-feet wave from passing traffic.”

The latest SEPA flood alert for Argyll and Bute was lifted yesterday (Monday) but the Met Office is once again warning of wind, rain and snow ahead.

Ferries look almost certain to be disrupted, and Scotrail say there will be no trains from midday until about 6pm on Thursday, with replacement buses being run ‘where conditions permit’.

The company warns: “Road authorities warn driving will be difficult, so please consider whether your journey is necessary.

“Please bear in mind that, while you may be able to travel normally in the morning, increasing wind speeds may affect your homeward journey.”

The Met Office has yellow warnings of snow and ice in place until 12 noon tomorrow and of wind until midnight on Thursday.