Another attempt for housing at The Paddock

A third attempt is being made to build houses at The Paddock, on South Ailey Road in Cove.

How it could look: the site in Cove (click to enlarge).
How it could look: the site in Cove (click to enlarge).

Two previous applications for the site were rejected by Argyll and Bute Council – and in both cases appeals were dismissed by Scottish Government Reporters.

But developers acting for Mrs Margaret Devine say that since then the site’s designation has changed, and it is now classed as within the settlement area.

Five detached houses with garages are proposed – one of the previous, rejected applications was for five homes and the other was for nine houses.

A supporting document by MH Planning Associates states that both the previous applications were determined under the now superseded 1999 Dumbarton District Wide Local Plan.

They say that, although the area is still within the Cove and Kilcreggan Conservation Ares, the currently adopted 2009 Argyll and Bute Local Plan has changed this particular site’s designation: “This means that where previously there was a presumption against the development of the site, there now exists a strong presumption in favour (their emphasis) of up to medium scale residential development (i.e. up to 30 additional homes).”

After concerns over the design of houses in the previous application, the developers say this plan will be sensitive and more in keeping with nearby A- listed Craig Ailey and B-listed Craigrownie Castle: “The design and massing of all the proposed dwellings is based on the proportions of a small/medium sized ‘Victorian villa’.”

Some trees would be removed, but developers say: “The significant majority of the trees that surround the site, and form the visual boundary to the settlement, will be retained. Compensatory tree planning is proposed both on the site boundary and throughout the development.”

The three- and four-bedroom houses are said to be in keeping with the area.
The three- and four-bedroom houses are said to be in keeping with the area.

They conclude: “Unlike the previous two applications to develop this site, there can now be no objections in principle to the residential development currently proposed.”

To comment on the application, go to the council’s planning website and search for reference number 14/03004/PP .

PDFs of the developers’ document and images of the development are available here: Paddock images Paddock

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