Oor Kilcreggan ferry’s went aff again – Peninsula Choir records song

A song lamenting the scandalous neglect of Kilcreggan’s ferry service has been recorded – and a public meeting is being planned to debate the issue.

Frustrated after months in which the Island Princess has been beset with ‘technical issues’, Gracey Flair wrote new lyrics to the tune of the Song of the Clyde.

With SPT and Transport Scotland both seemingly unable to fix the issue, the song complains: “So many officials, no-one takes the rap for having a service haphazard or crap.”

The song was recorded by the Peninsula Choir in Cove Burgh Hall last week and this afternoon its hilarious refrain could be heard across the village as a video was filmed on the pier.

The project as co-ordinated by John McMurtrie, who said the video would be posted on social media: “It was great seeing so many people on the pier to support this and raise awareness of the importance of our ferry service.

“The idea came to do this when instead of holding numerous meetings along with around 40 elected members, whether community councillors, councillors, constituency MSPs, regional MSPs involved and all coming from a different perspective, it became evident that nothing was likely to be achieved, besides waiting for the end of the contract.

“So a community project to demonstrate the importance of the service along with the visual of people standing together has a much stronger impact.”

The choir’s director Stephen Adam wrote the score, Andy Logue recorded the performance and Dave Dunbar is producing the videoAndy recorded performance and Dave filmed the video,

Meanwhile a public meeting could be held to debate the issue in January – anyone who wishes to be kept in touch with this should email Rev Christine Murdoch – cmurdoch@churchofscotland.org.uk

The full lyrics are below:

Oor Kilcreggan Ferry, written by Gracey Flair (Oct 2017)

(tune = Song of the Clyde)


(tune = oh the River Clyde, the wonderful Clyde)

Oor Kilcreggan Ferry’s

went aff again,

and a technical fault

is what aye gets the blame.

But behind this tale

of a boat that won’t bodge,

are elected officials

who couldnae run a menoge.

Verse 1:

With all of their powers

and all of their might

and all of their salaries

you’d think it’d run right.

But a quality service

from Gourock tae here ?

Some officials decided

that it was too dear.

A cheaper-priced contract

would dae folks like us,

and if the boat broke doon

we might get a bus.

But a ten minute journey

tae over an ‘oor ?

Are we getting ripped aff

or shortchanged, or poor?


Verse 2:

An outpatient off to the

Inverclyde Royal?

Could be cauld, tired and tearful

‘fore back on home soil.

‘Them workers for Coulport

maybe missin’ a shift,

likely costing them holidays

and leaving them miffed.

It’s the West Coast of Scotland

who’s surprised we need boats?

Big waans and wee waans

and waans that can float.

A schedule that also

serves the punters that use

this vital wee route

with spectacular views.


Verse 3:

We pay for a layer

of Scottish Government.

A big buildin’ in Edinburgh

called oor Parliament.

We pay for a department

of transport, that too

and a Minister of Transport

and all his large crew.

From a West Scotland list

We pay seven MSPs.

And directly elect waans

tae fix things like these.

We fund SPT Transport

from oor public purse

and they’re most likely guilty

And caused all this fuss.


Verse 4:

So many officials

no-one takes the rap

for having a service

haphazard or crap.

Leadership’s fuzzy

and woolly, no blame.

Or is fuzzy and woolly

all part of the game ?

There’s millions for councils,

such as Argyll and Bute

but with Inverclyde

cannae work this waan oot.

There’s community councils

in towns far and wide

But no fix for this problem

on our River Clyde.


Verse 5:

Not all these officials

are paid from the pot,

but most of them are

and the top ones, a lot.

They take from the tax

and it makes quite a dent

and leaves us to wonder,

could it better be spent?

Perhaps instead on a Kilcreggan Ferry?

And a decent waan at that.

No’ any old vessel

or junk piece of tat.

You can tell that this service

it gets on oor goat

Please, can somebody get us

a reliable boat!