HGV ban doesn’t apply to coaches, says tour firm – council disagrees

Tour company Lochs and Glens insists its coaches are entitled to use a narrow stretch of lochside road – despite causing delays for drivers last month.

The A814 between Garelochhead and Arrochar is notorious winding and undulating, and has frequently seen traffic jams when wide vehicles are unable to get through.

After public pressure and an online petition signs were put up last year showing it was unsuitable for HGVs.

The A814 beside Loch Long is marked as unsuitable for heavy vehicles

But on September 26, a local public holiday, a large coach belonging to the Gartocharn-based company became stuck on a narrow stretch of the road beside Loch Long, having to reverse 200 metres so that cars could edge past with no room to spare.

Afterwards a spokesperson for Lochs and Glens offered no apology, stating: “The A814 is marked as unsuitable for HGVs as per the signage along the road.

“As coaches are not classed as an HGV vehicle, they are suitable for use by our drivers.”

The tour coaches have no reason to use the road for access, as the hotels they serve can be accessed via the A82 and A83 trunk roads.

The signs were put in place by Argyll and Bute Council and a spokesperson for the authority disagreed with the coach firm.

“There are signs on the A814 at Loch Long stating that the road is unsuitable for HGVs,” he said.

“These are advisory rather than mandatory notices.

“This stretch of the road is not suitable for any large heavy, vehicle, including coaches, and we would advise drivers of HGVs and coaches to avoid it.”


  1. Bollocks. Ties in nicely with the arrogance displayed by Lochs and Glens drivers at the best of times.

  2. I can’t see why they would use this road rather than the A82 – so their customers have s view of the monstrosity of a hotel they’ll be staying in? I’ve also seen them on the Shore Road in Kilcreggan which isn’t suitable either

  3. Pure arrogance from these drivers on the coaches…Lochs & Glens are the worst not just on the lochside but every saturday morning heading to Erskine Bridge…they dont adhere to the speed limits coming through Milton….just a bunch of arrogant…..!

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