No change yet for car parking charges

A bid to introduce free periods on all Helensburgh’s car parks has been stymied.

Attaching the town’s current parking regime as ‘random and chaotic’, SNP councillors James Robb and Richard Trail said that parking should be free for three hours with immediate effect,followed by a wider review.

But they were unsuccessful at Tuesday’s meeting of Argyll and Bute Council’s Helensburgh and Lomond area committee.

Gary Mulvaney, chair of the committee, ruled that the motion was not competent as the subject matter had already been discussed by both the area committee and the policy and resources Committee within the last six months.

A council spokesperson said under the authority’s constitution, matters cannot be discussed again within that period unless there had been a change in material circumstance which would allow for new discussion, which did not apply in this case.

Flooding at Helensburgh’s Wee Kelpie chip shop was also diccussed at the meeting and it was agreed that a detailed site review of infrastructure and local connections should undertaken jointly with Scottish Water, looming for both short term and long term solutions.