Gales and downpours force walk to be cancelled

Met Office weather warnings have forced the cancellation of a sponsored walk in aid of Craigrownie Park in Cove.

But this week has also brought good news for the local fundraisers, who have been awarded £2,000 from the Health and Wellbeing Fund.

Forecasters have warned of gales and rainfall of up to six inches tomorrow (Sunday), with the rain continuing on Monday.

And SEPA has issued a flood alert for Argyll and Bute because of ‘exceptionally high’ rainfall.

So the fundraisers have decided to delay their ‘wigs and wellies’ walk until there is more favourable weather, rather than walk along exposed stretches of Barbour Road with small children.

“It’s disappointing but better that than have a tortuous time with potential accidents,” said Roni Ferguson.

The health and wellbeing grant is the largest available and a welcome step towards the group’s target of raising £100,000 to revamp the dilapidated park.

“We are thrilled, especially as there were so many worthy causes round the table asking for funding,” said Roni.

“When you hear what other charities are trying to do, how much everything costs and how hard it is to get funding, we are tremendously grateful.”

the next scheduled event is a Hallowe’en party on Thursday in Cove Burgh Hall.