69 warnings so far – but another week without parking fines

Dozens of drivers in Helensburgh have already been given warning notices for illegal parking by newly-recruited council wardens.

Brought to book: Council wardens will soon be fining drivers.
Brought to book: Council wardens will soon be fining drivers.

Argyll and Bute Council took over responsibility for parking enforcement on May 12, after deciding to decriminalise it because police were no longer employing traffic wardens,, as revealed here and here.

This week the council announced that its ‘light touch’ approach, where first time offenders are issued with warning notices rather than fines, would be extended another week, until Monday June 16.

From May 12 to June 2 a total of 69 warning notices were issued in Helensburgh – more than three per day.

Ellen Morton, the council’s policy lead for road and amenity services, said the authority wanted to give people ore time to find out about the changes.

‘’It’s really important that people know about it and that they know where they can and cannot park,” she said.

‘’The new amenity wardens will be out on the streets issuing warning notices and speaking to people and advising them on what the changes to parking enforcement actually mean.

‘’Council staff have produced a leaflet which has some really useful information about the changes to parking enforcement. Once the leaflet has been printed the wardens will be distributing it around local shops and council buildings.’’

If vehicles park illegally following a warning notice, they are likely to receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

From Monday June 16 all vehicles caught parking illegally will be issued with a PCN.

In line with national guidelines, the PCN is set at £60, to be paid within 28 days. If paid within 14 days, the charge is reduced to £30

If unpaid, the charge increases to £90.

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  1. Haa what a joke an average 3.1 per day warning notices issued. Is this really value for tax payers money? 69 tickets could be issued in an hour in Sinclair let alone in 22 days. There should be no warning notices issued when it simply states that there is “NO PARKING” in Sinclair st between 09:00 and 18:00!! You do not have 5 mins or 15mins grace that some people think you do. The main car park is within 500m away, but people are so adamant that they will park in the town then they deserve everything they get. I’m sorry but Helensburgh has a lot more free and paid parking than a lot of towns so there is no excuses. Also there would be more spaces available if some shop keepers and owners did not insist on parking right outside their shops and leaving their cars parked all day. These owners are the first to moan when business is slow. Well move your car and let people into the town. I have never seen so much time, effort and discussion taken over this both within A&B council and local meetings. Until people get the message double yellow line means “NO PARKING” then anyone who illegally parks then they deserve everything they get and “STOP MOANING”.

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