Back-up boat no longer certified

Cailin Oir, the designated reserve vessel for the Kilcreggan to Gourock ferry link, is no longer certified to carry passengers, it was revealed this week.

The boat was used throughout the months when the Island Princess was being refurbished, but the Maritime & Coastguard Agency has confirmed that its passenger certificate expired on March 10.

The Cailin Oir first sailed on the route with passenger certification on September 23, nearly four months after SPT senior managers had said it would be in service ‘within days’; in the meantime many sailings had been missed because of problems with the Island Princess.

Ferry operators Clydelink and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), which subsidises the route, have not responded to inquiries this week about when the Cailin Oir will be presented for certification again, and which vessel is currently available as back-up.

Meanwhile Companies House documents have confirmed that Rosneath firm Silvers Marine (UK) Ltd changed its name to Silaqua Limited on March 8, the same day that a petition by HMRC to appoint a liquidator at Silvers Marine (UK) Ltd was advertised and Mark Aikman resigned as a director of Clydelink Ltd.

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  1. the certification of vessels such as the Cailin Oir is a lot like your car mot and expires after a certain period of time. thelochsidepress a lot like the residents of the peninsular seem to thrive on rumors and pathetic gossip of a vindictive nature. maybe one day you will find something worth wile reporting on

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