This page contains information about financial and other facts concerning local and central government for the Helensburgh and Lomond area. The local authority for this area is Argyll and Bute Council; for the Scottish Parliament it is part of the Dumbarton constituency and the West Scotland  region for ‘list’ MSPs; it is in the Argyll and Bute constituency for the UK Parliament.

Argyll and Bute Council

Under the Local Government (Scotland) Act all council meetings are open to the public, unless specific confidential items need to be discussed in private. Argyll and Bute’s agendas and minutes are available here.

Argyll and Bute Council makes all of its purchasing above £500 available online via Spotlight on Spend, where it can be searched via categories – in the past it has been used to access fees paid to consultants involved in the CHORD project. The council has elected not to make the information available for download, but it can be accessed via this link.

To access salaries, allowances and expenses paid to Argyll and Bute councillors, click on the PDF links below:

Argyll and Bute councillor payments 15-16Argyll and Bute councillor payments 14-15Argyll and Bute councillor payments 13-14Argyll and Bute councillor payments 12-13;

Details of all 36 of Argyll and Bute’s councillors are available here.

Scottish Parliament – MSPs

Jackie Baillie has been Dumbarton constituency MSP since the parliament first met in 1999; there are currently seven list or regional MSPs for the West of Scotland. Details of MSPs’ allowances are available on the Scottish Parliament’s website; annual summaries and links to details are below for MSPs who served until the May 2016 elections, followed by a PDF of each MSP’s registerable interests.

Jackie Baillie (Labour): 2015-16, £20,949.33; 2014-15,  £17,884.00; 2013-14,  £28,255.56; 2012-13, £26,832.27. Baillie interests

List MSPs: Neil Bibby (Labour): 2015-16, £12,856.12; 2014-15, £16,367.19; 2013-14, £16,860.44; 2012-13, £18,199.30. Bibby interests

Jackson Carlaw (Conservative): 2015-16, £14,386.69; 2014-15  £12,891.24; 2013-14, £20,730.48; 2012-13, £21,604.48. Carlaw interests

Mary Fee (Labour): 2015-16, £12,574.84; 2014-15, £12,920.02;; 2013-14, £20,548.64, 2012-13,  £23,720.35. Fee interests

Annabel Goldie (Conservative): 2015-16, £7,374.30; 2014-15, £5,139.31; 2013-14,  £10,334.04; 2012-13, £13,004.57. Goldie interests

Stewart Maxwell (SNP): 2015-16, £22,386.90; 2014-15, £20,858.96; 2013-14,  £25,656.65; 2012-13, £25,510.11. Maxwell interests

Margaret McDougall (Labour): 2015-16, £15,805.55; 2014-15, £13,780.96; 2013-14, £24,582.11; 2012-13, £25,359.13. McDougall interests

Stuart McMillan (SNP): 2015-16, £23,641.08; 2014-15, £21,244.73, 2013-14, £28,604.95; 2012-13, £26,428.63. McMillan interests

UK Parliament – MPs

Information about UK MPs’ expenses is available via the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. Liberal Democrat Alan Reid was Argyll and Bute’s MP until 2015’s general election, when he was defeated by the SNP’s Brendan O’Hara.

Mr O’Hara’s expenses for 2015-16 totalled £80,207.59 (accommodation £22,735.89, office £12,823.31, staffing £2,805.00, travel £38,443.04)

His expenses for 2016-17 to date (information accessed in January) total £54,511.50  (accommodation £15,325.39, office £17,093.14, start-up £819.77, travel £21,273.20).

Mr Reid’s expenses are below.

2014-15 total £48,554.74 (accommodation £8,100, office costs £19,289.17, staffing £8,388.87, travel £12.776.70)

2013-14 total £177,051.29 (accommodation £13,531.45, office £24,709.04, staffing £113,028.21, travel £25,782.59)

2012-13 total £172,609.36 (accommodation £13,299.40, office £23,947.62, staffing £7,437.62, travel £24,970.93)

Further information such as voting records for MPs and MSPs is available via the They Work for You website.

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