Blizzard callout was lifeboat’s second in 48 hours – to the same fishing boat

The Helensburgh lifeboat was called out twice within the space of three days over the Christmas period – both times to the same fishing boat.

A small commercial creel fishing boat broke down at the entrance to the Holy Loch on Wednesday December 27, leading to the coastguard calling out the RNLI boat from Rhu Marina at 1.25pm.

The volunteer crew located the five-metre fishing boat, which had engine problems with two people aboard, and towed it to the Holy Loch marina where it was tied alongside.

Then the same boat broke down again, less than 48 hours later during a blizzard on the morning of Friday December 29.

This time the fishing boat was at Strone Point with three people aboard – again it had engine problems and was towed to the Holy Loch marina.

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