Lottery grant funds study into redevelopment of Kilcreggan village

Overlooked and overgrown? Kilcreggan village.

A lottery grant will fund the first phase of an ambitious project to develop the centre of Kilcreggan village.

The Rosneath Peninsula West Community Development Trust has secured £8,500 from Awards For All, as well as £1,580 from Argyll and Bute Council, to draw up options.

The trust says that since its community action plan was published in 2011 the redevelopment of the heart of the village has becomes its main priority.

Specific projects could include marine access, as well as improving the foreshore and pavements – the main aim is to improve the appearance of the village and promote tourism.

The trust’s Charlotte McLean said: “Rather than tackle these in a piecemeal fashion the Trust took the view it would be more effective deliver the community’s needs and aspirations   via a more comprehensive village project that encompassed all these components.

“The overall aim of the village redevelopment project is to make people who live here want to stay here, people who visit here to want to move here and facilitate economic growth. “This is key to ensuring the long-term sustainability of local amenities and services such as the village primary school, health facilities and local businesses.”

Last year all the businesses in the area took the dramatic step of uniting in a call for action from Argyll and Bute Council.

They signed a petition highlighting problems in Kilcreggan including overgrown vegetation, broken picnic tables and a lack of parking.

This first phase of the trust’s project will consider potential options for providing a ‘truly desirable community space’, as well as the reconfiguration of car parking.

A range of options will be developed and presented to the local community for consultation, with an initial public event potentially in mid-February when several design options will be presented.

Feedback from this will informing the development of the preferred scheme which will be presented to the community at a second event, possibly in March.

The events will be advertised via social media, including Facebook, and the local press and the trust says it would appreciate as much community involvement in this project as can be mustered.

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