Argyll and Bute ‘making progress’, says latest Education Scotland report

‘Considerable progress’ has been made in managing education across Argyll and Bute, government inspectors said this week.

Last year Education Scotland found ‘several important weaknesses’ in the council’s education provision, meaning a follow-up visit was needed in September.

The main points for action set out in last year’s critical report said that the council should:

  • significantly improve young people’s attainment
  • improve the use of data, ensuring greater rigour and transparency
  • continue to improve the quality of educational provision with consistently higher levels of support and challenge from central officers and elected members;
  • improve relationships and communication, promoting a more positive ethos amongst all stakeholders
  • improve the quality of strategic leadership and direction at all levels within the council

This year, Education Scotland’s inspectors said there had been ‘positive progress in each of the main points for action’.

Chief inspector and chief executive Gayle Gorman said: “I’m pleased to see that in the 12 months since the initial inspection the authority has made considerable progress.

“I am pleased to see the commitment of all Argyll and Bute colleagues to work together to ensure that improvements are embedded.”

There will be more inspections before the end of 2018 to monitor and report on the continued progress made by the council in addressing the main points for action.

The council reacted angrily to last year’s inspection, questioning some of the methods used, but has welcomed the latest report

Policy lead Yvonne McNeilly, said: “We are proud of the report and the recognition of the high number of improvements which have been made as a direct result of the hard work and commitment of staff, pupils and parents across the authority.

“The report demonstrates children are getting a good foundation for learning when they start their education and are leaving us well equipped to build happy, prosperous lives”.

“Our focus has been on using this inspection process to build on our strengths, and deliver improvement where needed for the benefit of all of our children and young people.”

The full report is available here: argyll butecouncilfurtherinspection071217