B833 lochside road safety fears prompt petition

A petition has been launched calling for safety measures after a series of accidents on a lochside road this year – one of them fatal.

Cars have been involved in collisions on the B833 between Garelochhead and Rosneath, with young mum Lisa Fleming being killed in a head-on crash in July.

Since then cars have left the road and landed on the beach, while the route was blocked last month after a lorry became stuck.

Now Claire Fletcher has started an online petition via Change.org, calling for crash barriers, better road markings, improved drainage and better lay-bys.

The petition states: “The road is already hazardous with cyclists, sheep and fallen branches on a winding country road with many dips and blind corners.

“During the winter months the heavy rain means that it is flooded in many parts every day. Teamed with darker days and headlights shining, it is almost impossible to see which side of the road you are actually on.

“There have been many accidents over the years, sadly some of which have ended in fatalities. It is an extremely busy route and often used by HGVs, which struggle to pass each other.”

Claire Fletcher said she had lost friends and family in fatal accidents both on this stretch of road and on the Shore Road in Kilcreggan and sometimes he school bus struggled to get past lorries.

She added: “Something has to be done before another life is taken.
“There are families without sons, daughters, mothers, because of tragic accidents which could have had a different outcome if there were safety measures put in place.

“I do hope that people can help make a positive change.”