Councils to collaborate on road repairs

Eight councils – including Argyll and Bute – are working on a new agreement which could see them sharing staff and equipment to maintain roads.

The Northern Roads Collaboration Forum will also include Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Comharlie nan Eilean Siar, Moray, Orkney and Highland councils.

They say the aim is to use shared resources to cut costs and enhance the council’s repair and maintenance service.

Argyll and Bute’s policy lead for roads and amenity services Roddy McCuish, said: “We’ve had an informal arrangement for some time with other councils.

“This has worked well, helping us increase our capacity to carry out design and to do repairs and maintenance, and also helping us to reduce our costs, which is good news for local people as well as the council.

“By making it a more formal arrangement, we can take this a step further. It will give us new opportunities to pool resources, upskill staff, encourage new people to work in this area and increase local employment opportunities.

“Roads are a key front-line service for all councils, even more so for those like “It’s essential for us to work together with other local authorities to keep these services at the level people expect, and to keep them resilient now and into the future.”

The council says that talks will now to take place to enter into a formal collaboration.


  1. Will this collaboration improve things, I wonder.

    Present practice seems to be very inefficient. A week or so back the junction of Abercromby St and Charlotte St in Helensburgh was dug up and base coated. Was it done at a weekend; I’m not sure when as we were away on holiday. It certainly lay untouched with ramps and cones all week then this Sunday morning squads of people came to top coat it. I counted about 10 people, most standing watching. They were supported by several contract people with their vans.

    It looked very like the council workers were getting their Christmas box in double time overtime payments. Something similar happened at another junction lower down Charlotte St. I’m sure the council will tell us there was a good operational reason but then they would, wouldn’t they.

    Will this new proposed collaboration just spread the jam a bit wider?

  2. Not sure when? about 10 people, Most standing around, several contract people not very good at providing specific numbers are we Mr D Blackwood. I would suggest next time either take a piece of paper or a camera so we can be given the exact numbers and then we might take notice of your dribble.


  3. Dribble? Did you read my post? I was on holiday and returned late the previous Sunday. On the Monday morning I found the job half done. I walk round that way every day with the dog.

    Little more was done throughout the week then on Sunday morning I physically counted 10 workmen, most standing watching. There may well have been more but at least 10 plus plant plus other contractors were there on a Sunday. In the end the job was still not completed and the top of Charlotte St was still closed this morning.

    Maybe the job will be complete when I go round tomorrow, maybe not.

  4. Mr DB, Yes I did read your post several times. So can you tell me what I said that was not true from your first post please because I’m struggling to see any issues that I commented on. All that I do see is someone who seems to know about everything and comments the same way here and in the Advertiser.

  5. Much as it may disappoint I write honest opinions based on facts. I never take the huff with people that disagree. Do you have a personal axe to grind or an interest in council doings?

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