Live Argyll to take over council services and 260 jobs in £3.6m deal

Live Argyll is set to be chosen as the name for a trust taking over libraries, museums and leisure centres across Argyll and Bute in a multi-million pound deal.

The transfer of council services – and 264 staff – was part of the £10m cost-cutting measures agreed by the council 18 months ago but it is now expected to take effect in October this year.

The new charitable body will have responsibility for libraries, archives, museums, leisure facilities, halls and community centres which are currently run by the council, leasing buildings which will still be owned by the council.

Andrew Nisbet, formerly a Liberal Democrat councillor in Helensburgh, will chair the trust and Kevin Anderson, currently a financial manager for the council, will become the trust’s general manager next month.

Councils across Scotland, including Glasgow, have set up similar bodies in recent years, and Argyll and Bute hopes the move will save over £500,000 a year in non-domestic rates and VAT.

The initial contract is expected to be for ten years, and the council will pay an annual management fee of approximately £3.6m to the trust, with staff being transferred via a ‘TUPE’ process which means their pensions will be unaffected.

The details, including the name of the trust and proposed logo, will be considered by the council’s policy and resources committee next Thursday.


  1. So, does this mean that the guys running it will cream off loadsamoney in super salaries and will they then do as Babcock, in Faslane, have done and shave the services; asking for more every time something is asked of them? I wonder if there are bonuses on the job?

  2. So a company is set up to run these facilities chaired and managed by, presumably ex councillors who then receive a salary, the council say they will save £500.000 per annum, how ? presumably this new company will be required to at least break even, if they can why cannot the council also run at no loss, has these posts mentioned been advertized ? if not why not, has the council sought and received confirmation that service levels and access will not be lowered, has the council sought to ensure the safety of the jobs of the people currently employed, if not why not ? My own opinion is one of suspicion that jobs and services will suffer, as always, not matter what the councillors say , PFI anyone ?

  3. The keys is “charitable trust”. That means it will be regulated by the Charity Commission – so no unapproved salaries. It will be required to break even, or, where it doesn’t, have a plan in place to meet the shortfall or dispose of assets. It will also be free to apply to Charitable funders – Big Lottery Fund, Heritage Fund etc. and, if successful, reduce the funding available to traditional charities. It’s happening all over the country where services that used to be provided by Government are now taking on the status of “good causes”. Welcome to the future.

  4. We must hope it isn’t as bad as Badcocks. The number of Kib Dems is interesting but thus has happened in many other places, e.g. Glasgow

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