Helicopters to be used in major project at transmitter tower

Helicopters will be used in a major engineering project at the television transmitting station near Rosneath next month.

The Gallow Hill site will also see equipment and temporary buildings during the work, which is expected to last several weeks.

Arqiva says no planning permission is needed for the work, which is part of the UK-wide 700MHz spectrum clearance project, which aims to free that spectrum of television broadcast to support mobile phone, 4G and other data services.

The company says that the appearance of the antenna will be almost identical after the work, which is ‘complex and challenging’.

“A key challenge is the requirement to maintain existing television services whilst alterations take place at the site as part of this reallocation of radio spectrum,” said town planning manager Peter Hayne.

“Consequently to allow continuity of existing services whilst these works take place, there is a need for temporary plant and equipment at the site which can be quite extensive, such as containerised radio apparatus and connecting apparatus.

“Additionally there may be a need for welfare units for personnel working at the site.”

The new antennae will be lifted into place on the TV mast by helicopters – currently the date for this is expected to be September 12-14, depending on weather.