About turn at last for bus shelter

They had one job to do… but the council workmen managed to fit a bus shelter which was no use for sheltering from the weather.

The shelter outside Cove Burgh Hall was installed facing the wrong way, so that the roof didn’t provide any protection from the plentiful and frequent rain, sleet and snow which was carried on the prevailing wind.

But next week, several years after the blunder, Argyll and Bute Council will turn the shelter around so that it faces the opposite way.

The directors of Cove Burgh Hall had complained when the bus shelter was first erected, saying they hadn’t been consulted and it spoilt the view from the hall of the war memorial and the Clyde beyond.

They asked last month if it could be moved across and further along the road, and Cllr George Freeman agreed at last week’s meeting of Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council to take the matter up with Argyll and Bute officials.

And this week he confirmed that it would not be possible to move the bus shelter because of sight lines, but it could be turned around within the existing budget, and this should happen next week.