Safety assurance on schools in Argyll and Bute

Schools in Argyll and Bute have been certified as safe, the council has confirmed this week after being named in a high-profile report by the BBC.

The broadcaster said this week that at least 71 more schools in Scotland were found to have similar defects to Edinburgh schools judged to be unsafe.

Concerns were raised after 17 schools in the capital were shut following a wall collapse at Oxgangs Primary in January last year, and the BBC sent Freedom of Information requests to every council in Scotland, asking ‘if repair work involving wall ties or “significant structural issues” had been done at PPP schools, or others built under schemes such as non-profit distributing (NPD) or “design and build”, in the past 18 months’.

They reported that five schools in Argyll and Bute were affected and today the council issued a statement confirming that safety work was carried out last year.

“Following visual and intrusive surveys of the council’s Non Profit Distributing Organisation school estate of Oban Primary Campus, Lochgilphead Joint Campus, Dunoon Grammar, Rothesay Joint Campus and Hermitage Academy, remedial works were carried out to certain areas in regard to wall and header ties and completed in summer 2016,” said a spokesperson

“This work was carried out by the council’s project partner ABC Schools Limited and all occupied areas were confirmed safe for use by an independent structural engineer.”