Non-stop 100 hour challenge for charity at Faslane

Workers at Faslane have raised thousands of pounds for charity in an epic 100-hour long non-stop cardio vascular challenge.

Beginning at 8am on Monday, March 20, 100 personnel took it in turns to run, cycle or cross train continuously in the naval base’s Neptune building supermess.

Starting the event was Commodore Mark Gayfer, Naval Base Commander Clyde, the first of a number of volunteers – both service and civilian – who maintained the challenge until midday on Friday, March 24.

Captain of HMS Neptune, Captain Craig Mearns, who also took part in the challenge said: “This was a tremendous event and a great example of how the Naval Base can come together for a fantastic cause.

“Thanks to the sweat and hard work of everyone involved we have raised an amazing £2,369.09 for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.”

The event was organised by HMS Neptune Field Gun Crew and the naval base’s Sportsdrome and was run in honour of the upcoming 100th Army v Navy Rugby match which will be held at Twickenham on April 27 this year and also the Brickwoods Field Gun Competition.

During the 100 hours some 2,277.9 km were covered with donations collected from passers-by throughout.