Police issue assurance over offences at anti-nuclear demo

Protesters planning to ‘blockade’ the Faslane naval base on Monday ‘will be arrested if necessary’, police said today.

The assurance from Chief Superintendent Helen Swann came after local Cllr George Freeman highlighted press reports of the Scrap Trident Coalition being given an assurance by Police Scotland that there would be no arrests at the event.

Chief Supt Swann has told Cllr Freeman: “I can confirm that Police Scotland has given no such blanket guarantee.

“Police Scotland will facilitate the lawful protest and assembly of those participating, but where crimes or offences are committed they will be dealt with swiftly and proportionately, and this includes arresting individuals where necessary.”

Many previous demonstrations outside HM Naval Base Clyde have seen the main road blocked, meaning residents face long delays reaching work or school.

Her assurance did not mention other requests by Cllr Freeman – that police would take every action possible to keep the A814 main road open, and that details of a meeting held on April 1 between Police Scotland and organisers of the demonstration be made public.

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