Five-way contest in General Election

There will be a five-way fight for the Argyll and Bute seat in next month’s General Election.

The deadline for nominations closed today (April 9) and it is confirmed that Alan Reid will face competition from Labour, SNP, Conservative and UKIP candidates.

Mr Reid has represented the constituency in Westminster since 2001 and will once again stand for the Liberal Democrats.

Against him will be Mary Galbraith (Labour), Brendan O’Hara (Scottish National Party), Alastair Redman (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) and Caroline Santos (UK Independence Party).

At the last UK Parliamentary Election, in 2010, Mr Reid received 14,292 votes with Conservative Gary Mulvaney second (10,861) and Labour’s David Graham third (10,274), followed by Mike McKenzie of the SNP (8,563) – UKIP did not contest the seat.

Mr Reid’s majority of 3,321 was down from 5,363 in 2005 but an increase on his 2001 majority of 1,653.

The last date when residents can register to vote is April 20 – for details see the Argyll and Bute Council website.

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  1. Will he keep his seat? Will the dark forces of unionism unite and elect the blue team? Will the SNP achieve their claimed polling numbers and take Argyll & Bute for the first time? Will the tidal wave of tripe written on the internets about any of these options make any difference; you be the judge.

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