Still no sign of Jamie after mother’s search in Vietnam

Cloud hampered the search at 1,500 metres this week
Cloud hampered the search at 1,500 metres this week

The mystery of Jamie Taggart’s disappearance remains, despite his mother joining a search of remote mountains in Vietnam.

The botanist, from Linn Gardens in Cove on the Rosneath Peninsula, has been missing since early November 2013, when he travelled to Sa Pa on a plant-hunting expedition.

His mother Jill Mary visited the area this month hoping to uncover new clues about his disappearance, then joined search parties looking for him in ‘formidable’ terrain.

The searches, including local tribespeople and police, started on Sunday but were hampered by poor visibility caused by low cloud.

Today (Wednesday) she said: “The search is over. We have no good result. We are very disheartened.”

Local contacts had hoped that even after so long some evidence of Jamie, such as his leather boots or day sack, would have been found, and now it is being speculated that he might have been attacked and the evidence deliberately disposed of.

Jill Mary used a translator provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to interview officials and witnesses, leading her to believe that he had indeed left an official route in search of rare orchids or rhododendron.

Jamie, a retained firefighter with Scottish Fire and Rescue, was 41 when he disappeared; friends and neighbours in Cove and Kilcreggan raised thousands of pounds to help searches for him and Hugh Grant, whose family used to live at the Linn, made a substantial donation to the cause.

The pictures below show some scenes from the search in recent days.

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