Claim and counter-claim in double-decker dispute

Claims and counter-claims have been made this week in the dispute between parents and a bus company over double decker school buses.

Worried parents told Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council last month about a series of concerns, leading to responses from Stuart McQueen, managing director of Garelochhead Coaches, on this website and in an article in the Helensburgh Advertiser which accused them of a ‘witch hunt’.

This week the parents have hit back, issuing a statement in which they take issue with several points made by Mr McQueen about the service which his company has been operating between the Rosneath Peninsula and Hermitage Academy since January 2013.

The parents’ statements is reproduced here as a PDF document, with responses by Mr McQueen in italics. For information, it should be noted that the parents attended the community council meeting as members of the public and were allowed to speak int hat capacity, not as part of a specific agenda item, while the report of that meeting did not ‘purport to attack Garelochhead Coaches’: Peninsula parents’ statement