Village’s relocated post office would only be open six hours a week

Cove village is ‘dying on its feet’, a meeting heard this week.

The comments came as community councillors debated proposals to turn the village post office into an ‘outreach service’ – only open two mornings per week.

With long-serving postmistress Margaret Shutt due to retire, the Post Office has launched a consultation into plans to move the service into the nearby village stores, opening from 9am to 12 noon on Mondays and Thursdays.

Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council heard that almost a whole block of flats in Cove was usually empty because of property being used as holiday homes.

“The shop is struggling because there are not the people there,” said community councillor Fiona Howard.

“If we can have the post office in Cove shop then we are almost guaranteed keeping Cove shop – without that, Cove village would die.”

Other members welcomed the fact that some sort of post of service would remain in the village, but there was disappointment that the Kilcreggan postmaster had not been able to bid for the chance to run it.

And Derek Fowlis said: “Two mornings a week is not enough for Cove, especially for older people who cannot get to Kilcreggan or Rosneath.

“Another morning would be a lot more helpful for the community in Cove.”

The community council will write to the post office asking for the new service to open two mornings and one afternoon per week.

Chairman Nick Davies also urged members of the public to respond to the consultation – leaflets are available in the current post office or online here.


  1. It’s a good question that needs an answer; why is the ‘outreach’ being done by someone from Cardross? Why not Kilcreggan?

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