Swallows flying home to help complete Cove Park’s £1.4m project


A flight of swallows could help ensure work starts this spring on Cove Park’s £1.4m new Artist Centre.

The centre has raised 85% of the funds needed for its new project, which will also include two new accommodation units at the centre on the Rosneath Peninsula.

Ceramicist Dawn Youll, a former resident at the park, has been commissioned to design and hand cast a unique (and numbered) edition of porcelain swallows which are now available for sale, with all proceeds going to the new centre.

“Every summer swallows return to Cove Park from their wintering places in South Africa, setting up home in the eaves of the centre,” said a spokesperson.

“The comings and goings of the swallows follow almost exactly the duration of our summer residency programme and this is why we have chosen the swallow as our emblem in these final stages of our fundraising campaign.”

A single porcelain swallow costs £65 and a pair is £150 – the pair is designed to be displayed together: one has a plain parian porcelain finish, the other a mother-of-pearl finish.

The new centre will feature ‘A Flight of Swallows’, a wall where Dawn will stencil a swallow for each ceramic object purchased; donors’ names will also be printed on this wall in recognition of their gift.

For a minimum donation of £20 your name will be included on this wall.

To buy a swallow, or to make a donation, complete the order form here or contact Cove Park directly.

Photography by Ruth Clark.