Children’s painted rock defaced by sickening vandalism

Defaced: The work by children and artists was wrecked by the vandals.
Defaced: The work by children and artists was wrecked by the vandals.

Vandals have attacked a rock painted in a community project by schoolchildren and artists.

‘No thanks’ and ‘No’ were daubed on the rock in Cove, on the Rosneath Peninsula last week.

Both sides of the rock were targeted
Both sides of the rock were targeted

Children from Kilcreggan Primary came up with the design for the large rock in Cove Bay as part of the Sea Change festival this summer and it was painted with the help of artists Eleanor Carlingford and Christine Borland.

But in the aftermath of last week’s independence referendum it emerged that the rock had been vandalised, with one Cove resident saying: “It is appalling that the colourful and happy design by local schoolchildren has been defaced in an appalling act of vandalism, which appears to be referendum connected.”

Eleanor Carlingford said she had heard about the vandalism on Sunday morning when she was contacted by members of the No campaign .

“They were mortified, they immediately offered a posse of people to fix it but the question of ownership is not in my hands – it is not my rock,” she said: “This was a promise made to the children.

“My heart was heavy when I looked at it. The day we painted it there was a fantastic atmosphere and the kids’ eyes were shining – they just adored it. To see it vandalised like that…”

She questioned whether the vandalism was actually linked to the referendum however: “I thought it was about the rock, the way the black paint was trying to obliterate what was there.”

The Sea Change events were organised by Rosneath Peninsula West Community Development Trust, which has agreed to reinstate the rock this weekend, weather permitting.

The rock before last week's attack
The rock before last week’s attack


  1. For a split second I thought that this was Tut Tut defaced, thankfully no but sad all the same. I’m sure it can be repainted (as Tut Tut has over the years). Why you would feel the need to ruin something kids have done though I don’t know!!

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