Lifeboat called out after boats’ engines fail

Helensburgh’s lifeboat was called out twice in successive days this week to boats which had suffered engine failure.

And the volunteer crew, based at Rhu Marina, was also called out to a false alarm with good intent.

On Monday (July 14) Belfast Coastguard telephoned the station  at 13:05 hrs having just received a call from the owner of a yacht that was adrift close to the Rhu Narrows – his engine was non-operational due to fuel problems and there was no wind.

The lifeboat crew was paged, and after locating him, towed him back to the marina in Rosneath Bay and was ready for service again before 2pm.

At 7.45pm the next day the lifeboat crew was again tasked by the coastguard to check on a small dayboat which appeared to be adrift off Helensburgh Pier

A member of the public had called the coastguard and reported that there was one person onboard who was paddling and making no headway.

The lifeboat crew located the vessel some 400 metres off Helensburgh Pier; as reported it was adrift with fuel problems.

It was taken in tow by the lifeboat back to Rhu Marina where it was secured alongside. The lifeboat was ready for service again at 8.28pm.

Then on Thursday (July 17) a member of the public in Dumbarton reported to the Coastguard that he could see a masted blue and white vessel drifting up river towards the Erskine Bridge and there did not appear to be any signs of occupancy on the vessel.

The lifeboat was launched and crew made contact with the occupants of the only vessel in the area – a blue and white masted yacht.

There were two people on board who advised that they had come out of the River Leven an hour ago and had made passage up to Bowling and back; they were in no difficulty so the lifeboat returned to base.