An end in sight for Kilcreggan roadworks?

A mysterious hole which has been partially blocking a road in Kilcreggan for several weeks could finally go tomorrow (Tuesday).

A river runs through it - the full with of School Road was covered in water.
A river runs through it – the full width of School Road was covered in water.

Part of School Road was dug up in early April – but workmen then disappeared, forcing drivers to serve into the middle of the road on a bend which is already dangerous because pedestrians need to cross there.

Last Friday (May 23) workmen reappeared – but the hole remained, and the situation worsened on Sunday after heavy rain when a torrent of water emerged from the hole, pouring down the road and into gardens for several hours.

A Scottish Water van appeared and parked next to the hole – but the worker then drove away, leaving the stream unabated.

One resident, who has been walking her children past the roadworks on the way to Kilcreggan Primary School, said: “This has been dragging on for weeks and been causing chaos – it’s dangerous, especially at school times.”

Scottish Water said the roadworks were Argyll and Bute Council’s responsibility, and a council spokesperson confirmed this.

“Debris blocked a storm water pipe in School Road and we had to excavate in the road and put up barriers,” she said.

“We made a number of attempts to clear the debris, both by hand and by machine. This worked to an extent but a blockage downstream caused some water build-up.

“On Monday May 26 we attended again and cleared all of the debris. This means that we can reinstate the road and allow free flow of traffic. We expect our team to be on site tomorrow.”


  1. My wheel of my caravan was damaged trying to go round this obsticle on Monday, will the Council pay for my damaged wheel……answers on a postcard please!

  2. Perhaps this hole is to remove the blockage(large rubble or boulders) which GMJV created when they diverted the main drain into the sewer system? Scottish Water are supposed to be reversing this little bit of idiocy(the excess water keeps damaging the manhole cover behind the bus shelter every time there’s a lot of rain; this happens in Scotland, clearly Scottish Water thought otherwise) and directing the drain back onto the beach like it used to be, but it couldn’t be done until the blockage was removed.

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