Leaflet link from Waitrose to town centre

Visitors to Helensburgh will have town centre information at their fingertips, thanks to a new leaflet now available in the town’s branch of Waitrose.

In partnership with the Helensburgh and Lomond Chamber of Commerce, the supermarket has launched a leaflet that points visitors towards town centre services and businesses.

Town centre link - the leaflet is available in Waitrose
Town centre link – the leaflet is available in Waitrose

It is designed to help Waitrose shoppers from out of town be more aware of everything that’s available in Helensburgh’s centre.

Pet shops, cafes, restaurants, car dealers, accountants, boutiques and more are all featured in the leaflet, with contact details and information about what each business offers.

Branch manager Brian Murrie said: “We’re now members of the chamber of commerce and this is a great way to begin our work with the chamber.

“We wanted to promote town centre businesses and services to the Waitrose shoppers who come from further afield and perhaps aren’t all that familiar with everything that Helensburgh has to offer.

“A vibrant town centre will benefit everyone – Waitrose, other retailers and most of all the residents of Helensburgh.“

Alan Trail, chief executive of the chamber of commerce, said: “I’m pleased that Waitrose has joined the chamber and that they’ve been proactive in helping us promote the town.

“Hopefully the new flyer will make everyone aware of the range of quality services and products that our members offer in Helensburgh.

“Waitrose is certainly a draw to a number of shoppers that wouldn’t normally have come into the town – we need to show them the best that Helensburgh has to offer.”

The new leaflet features dozens of local businesses and is on display at the branch’s entrance and at the till. Waitrose asked the chamber of commerce to provide member information, then produced the leaflet in-house.

A PDF of the full leaflet can be downloaded here – note though that it is formatted for printing so would need to be folded: Waitrose Helensburgh traders leaflet (3)