Timetable changes and ticket price rise for ferry

A revised timetable and confusion over ticket prices are in store for people using the Gourock to Kilcreggan ferry.

As revealed here, the timetable is being changed because of repairs at the Gourock pier which start on Monday April 28.

But the changes are far more drastic than was first announced, with the timing of almost every sailing from Kilcreggan being changed, including the busiest boat in the mornings.

And fares also appear to have been increased, with a single ticket now costing £2.60 rather than £2.50 and a return £5 rather than £4.80 – although another part of SPT’s website still displays the lower prices, and the new prices make no mention of ten-journey tickets.

The timetable changes, forced by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) carrying our repair work at the ‘Kilcreggan Steps’, were announced earlier this month at the meeting of Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council.

Cllr Robert MacIntyre, Argyll and Bute’s representative on Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) said the work would last six weeks, with most sailings unaffected although one midday sailing would be cut.

The Clyelink service from Kilcreggan will have to share the linkspan at Gourock with the Argyll Ferries service to Dunoon.

For commuters from Kilcreggan, the morning sailings under the temporary timetable will now be at 7.11 and 8.11, rather than 7.07 and 7.51, while the last boat from Gourock will leave at 18.35 rather than 18.11.

A PDF of the temporary timetable is here: Temporary timetable and the usual timetable is here Standard ferry timetable.

The linkspan is further from the rail station at Gourock than the ferry’s usual berth, so passengers are advised to allow extra time.

Update, April 22: The SPT web page referred to above has now been amended to show the higher prices, still no reference to the ten-journey tickets.


  1. It’s difficult to believe how casual SPT is with this timetable – they just don’t care (or in the vernacular, give a S***). It appears that they’d gladly just drop this ferry service completely. I’m still really angry that they cancelled the Helensburgh-Kilcreggan ferry, even though this was a few years ago. There was no marketing, no public appeal – no one even in H’burgh realised that there was a ferry from H’burgh to Kilcreggan and then Gourock – what could’ve been a lovely tourism opportunity – ‘Cruise the Clyde for £2.50’ – was lost. Pathetic! Learned that a local community councillor had a meeting with an SPT representative who said ‘I’m responsible for transport, not tourism’, Great: no thinking out of the box there, then, to the detriment of the Peninsula, and probably lots of other places as well.

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