New store plans for Rosneath revealed

How it could look - an impression of the new store
How it could look – an impression of the new store

An ‘eyesore’ derelict building could finally be demolished – making way for a new convenience store.

The former community centre in Rosneath has stood empty and derelict for many years, with many calls for it to be demolished.

The Co-op was given planning permission to demolish the building and extend its nearby store back in 2008, but there has been no progress, despite complaints that it caused danger for drivers and pedestrians at a busy junction.

This week though new plans were submitted to demolish the vacant hall and replace it with a completely new Co-op store.

An architect's impression of the new store
An architect’s impression of the new store

The new store would be 350 square metres, with parking for eight cars at the rear.

In a statement to Argyll and Bute Council planners, Co-op planning director David Campbell acknowledged that the orgnisation has a responsibility to the building and the wider local community.

“The existing Co-op at the Clachan is successful and serves an important community function,” he said.

“The proposals that have now been brought forward seek to remove the existing unsightly building and allow replacement with a sensitively designed modern retail store that will not only improve the visual environment of the site and surrounds but also provide an improved community facility.

Parking would be available at the rear.
Parking would be available at the rear.

“This will also serve to support local employment, provide an increased range and choice of products for sale, and reduce the need for car trips beyond Rosneath for convenience shopping.”

At last month’s meeting of Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council residents were urged to lobby the Co-op to demolish the derelict building – the cost was thought to be more than £1m though, and a specialist report submitted with the new planning applications shows asbestos has been found in areas including pipe insulation, water heaters, wall panels, floor tiles.

Derelict - the former community centre
Derelict – the former community centre

The site is in the Rosneath Conservation Area, but in 2008 Historic Scotland agreed not to object to the demolition.

Details of the new plan are on the council’s website – search for reference number 14/00465

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  1. I’m still mystified as to how this is going to cost over £1m; Co-op need to check their costs, or find new contractors.

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