New call for action on derelict school

Derelict - the former school in Rosneath.
Derelict – the former school in Rosneath.

Members of the public have been urged to lobby for the ‘eyesore’ former school in Rosneath to be knocked down.

The building has stood empty for many years, obscuring drivers’ vision at a busy crossroads in the middle of the village.

Cove and Kilcreggan community councillors heard on Tuesday that their chairman Nick Davies had raised the issue with Jacquie Garty after her talk the previous to the village literary society about the history of the Co-operative movement in Scotland.

“That school is an eyesore and it is dangerous,” he said.

“They own it and have planning permission to knock it down.

“The message I was given was, if you feel strongly about it lobby the Co-op and ask a question.”

Cllr Robert MacIntyre, whose butcher’s shop is immediately opposite the old school, said he had taken up the issue many times when he was chair of Rosneath and Clynder Community Council.

“I have letters dating back to 2007 saying they would do something about it,” he said.

And Cllr Maurice Corry added the that Co-op’s main board had given clearance for £800,000 to be spent on the site – “but the cost was going to be over £1m and they are trying to engineer that down.”

The Co-op can be contacted via the methods below:

  • Freephone: 0800 0686 727
  • Freepost: Co-operative, Freepost – MR 9473 Manchester M4 8BA
  • Email:
  • Website:

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  1. I emailed the Co-Op about it a while ago; I got an acknowledgement but nothing of any substance. I’d like to see the plan that causes demolition to cost £1m; even if the damn thing was made entirely of asbestos it shouldn’t cost that.

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