Rescue crews called out to dog walkers

A helicopter and lifeboat were called out after dog walkers got lost on the shore of Loch Goil.

The Helensburgh RNLI crew was called out by Belfast Coastguard as it was suspected that a vessel was in difficulty at 4.55pm on Sunday December 22, with flashing white lights being reported by a member of the public.

The lifeboat was launched from its Rhu base within ten minutes but before reaching the loch it was asked to return to station as the situation had been resolved.

Then a fishing boat on Loch Goil reported that the lights appeared to be coming from the shore close to Carrick Castle.

This was investigated by Royal Navy search and rescue helicopter 177 from HMS Gannet at Prestwick, who picked up two people had become lost while walking their dog on the shore.

The Sea King helicopter took them to safety and the lifeboat returned to Rhu, reporting that it was ready for service again at 6.06pm.

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