Turbine plan may be scaled back

Proposals  for a wind turbine in Cove could be scaled down after opposition from planners.

As revealed here in August, a 74-metre turbine was proposed for South Ailey Farm by Mosscliff Environmental, aiming to power the farm with any surplus feeding into the national grid.

But the idea for a site near the summit of Aiden Hill soon encountered problems, as community councils in Cardwell Bay & Greenock West, Rhu & Shandon, Hunters Quay and Kilmun all objected.

Scottish Natural Heritage said there were problems with the visualisations supplied, and highlighted the size and prominent location of the turbine.

And in October planners at Argyll and Bute Council wrote to Mosscliff suggesting the application should be withdrawn, saying it would ‘dominate the immediate landscape to such a degree that it will be visually intrusive’.

Now the developers have suggested that the tower is reduced in height from 50 to 40 metres, aiming to generate 250kW rather than 500kW as originally proposed; the new turbine height has not been made public as yet.

The developers estimate a windspeed of eight metres per second, although an anemometer used for the abortive Cove Community Wind Farm project at a nearby site suggested 6.7m/s would be more likely.

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  1. Applicant has suggested amending to 40m, but this is still larger than the guidelines for the landscape type.
    A moving structure of this height in this location is unsuitable.

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