OPINION – Welcome work at village landmarks

It’s rare for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport  (SPT) or Argyll and Bute Council to receive much praise in Kilcreggan, so recent work on the village’s bus shelters is all the more welcome.

The shelter by the pier car park
The shelter by the pier car park

The brick-built shelters near the pier and at the bottom of School Road are nothing if not substantial.

But it’s only a few years ago that then members of the community council were calling for the School Road shelter to be demolished, labelling it a ‘den of iniquity’ which attracted badly behaving teenagers.

The logic of that seemed a bit flawed – any drinking, vandalism or whatever else the young people were getting up would surely just have happened somewhere else nearby.

But it was a close-run thing, with residents having to fight hard to force a lat minute U-turn on the proposal to knock the shelter down and replace it with a plasticky modern thing like the characterless structure outside Cove Burgh Hall, which is about as useful as it is attractive because it faces the wrong way and so gives no shelter from the prevailing wind.

Contractors have installed new windows at both sites this week and a council spokesperson confirmed: “Two shelters in Kilcreggan are being repaired in response to complaints from members of the public and councillors.

The bus shelter at the bottom of School Road
The bus shelter at the bottom of School Road

“The money has come from grant funding received from SPT for upgrading of transport infrastructure in the Helensburgh and Lomond area.”

The decision to install window units is admittedly a surprise, but it’s nice to know that as well as protecting us from the west coast weather, the bus shelters will serve as landmarks when giving directions for a good few years yet.

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