Police warning after break-ins

Residents have been warned to be on their guard against thieves who are targeting homes while they are standing empty.

PC Andy Crawford said there had been a ‘mini-crimewave’, with homes in Kilcreggan, Clynder, Rahane and as far afield as Dunoon being hit in recent weeks.

“Please make sure you lock up your property, and if you are going away ask a neighbour or friend to look after your house,” he told Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council tonight (Tuesday).

“Once we catch up with a particular individual this mini-crimewave will come to an end.”

He said that since the council’s meeting in September a house in Argyll Road, Kilcreggan, had been broken into, while two people had been disturbed while acting suspiciously in Fairfield Gardens.

Other crimes in the area included paint being stolen from a shed in Hamlet Hill, Cove, a car being vandalised on Shore Road in Kilcreggan, a young man being arrested for assault in Argyll Road, two juveniles being arrested at a building site in Cove and a door being vandalised in Fairfield Gardens.