Senior posts under new council leadership announced

A new provost has been appointed by Argyll and Bute Council, with a raft of other senior positions also being changed.

Len Scoullar, an independent from Bute, takes the figurehead role in the wake of  a change of power which saw veteran Dick Walsh named as council leader for the third time, with Ellen Morton as his deputy.

But there is still no announcement of a new chair being appointed for the board responsible for the troubled Helensburgh CHORD project.

James Robb said he was resigning from this position last week, only to withdraw his resignation when it became apparent that if he did so the meeting on October 24 would be inquorate.

He had expected a new chair to be appointed at the October 31 meeting of the full council, but this was not on the agenda and a council spokesperson has confirmed it was not discussed.

A total of 19 of the council’s 36 members completed forms expressing interest in other leadership roles, outlining their local government and other relevant experience and leadership style.

The planning, protective services and licensing committee will now be split into two functions – when dealing with planning matters the chair will be David Kinniburgh, with Alex McNaughton vice chair.

Rory Colville will be chair when it deals with civic government and licensing matters, with Alex McNaughton again vice.

The Helensburgh and Lomond area committee will be chaired by Gary Mulvaney, vice George Freeman.

The role of lead councillor has now been replaced with ‘policy lead’, with Cllr Scoullar taking this role for island affairs.

Dougie Philand will lead on adult care, with Elaine Robertson as depute, while Cllr Walsh will be strategic finance lead, with Cllr Mulvaney as depute.

Roads, amenity services, infrastructure, asset management, and special projects will be led by Ellen Morton, with Robert G Macintyre as depute.

Duncan Macintyre will lead on European Affairs, sustainable economic growth, and strategic transportation, with Maurice Corry depute.

Improvement, human resources, customer support, and facility services will be led by Donald Kelly backed by Bruce Marshall.

Robin Currie will be policy lead for community & culture and strategic housing, supported by lain Angus MacDonald.

Sustainable environment, renewables, and strategic tourism will be led by Vivien Dance, with Roddy McCuish as depute, while education, lifelong learning, and strategic IT services will be led by Aileen Morton, with Cllr Scoullar as depute.

Mary Jean Devon will be policy lead for children and families, with Jimmy McQueen depute.

The Mid Argyll Kintyre and the Islands are committee will be chaired by Rory Colville, with Donnie McMillan as vice chair.

Robert E Macintyre will chair the Bute and Cowal area committee, with Bruce Marshall as vice, and the Oban Lorn and the Isles area committee will be chaired by Cllr MacDougall, with Cllr Robertson as vice.

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