‘Incongruous’ wind farm plan opposed

Plans for a wind farm near Greenock have been opposed by Argyll and Bute Council.

The ten 110-metre turbines at the Inverclyde Wind Farm would be visible from areas including Helensburgh, Kilcreggan and Cardross.

And councillors at Wednesday’s meeting of the planning, protective services and licensing committee followed their officials’ recommendation to lodge an objection against the plan

A report by Richard Kerr said the plans included a viewpoint from Helensburgh, but not Cardross, which would be closer to the Corlic Hill site.

”Bearing in mind Cardross is the largest village in Argyll and Bute, with a similar population to Lochgilphead, it has been disappointing that the applicant has not provided photomontages from public viewpoints in the settlement, “ said the report.

“There is also likely to be visibility of the turbines from many streets that are located towards the northern (higher topography) parts of both Helensburgh and Cardross.”

Planners ‘generally accepted’ that the wind farm would be in a ‘partially industrialised context’ and said residents in the Rosneath Peninsula, Bute and Cowal would be ‘largely unaffected’ by the plan.

But the large turbines would protrude above the skyline and be visible from the Rhu to Dumbarton river corridor, they add.

“This would be especially the case travelling to and from, and in and around, Cardross and in the areas of green belt between Dumbarton and Helensburgh, where views across the Clyde are open and compelling,” says the report.

“The elevation, height and movement of the turbines would render them incongruous in the views currently available drawing the eye and making them unduly prominent in their landscape setting.”

The plan will be decided by In Inverclyde Council. A map showing the visual impact, photomontages of the view from Helensburgh and Kilcreggan and other details are available by clicking here.


  1. Lets dig more coal and create smog….maybe they wont see the turbines ??? Is this more NIMBY’s ? Get real people…

  2. From the previous story on this I understood a plan for this site had already been refused once, and that it was virtually inside a regional park. Are you sure this is the best place, Bob?

  3. OK let’s have wind farms and pay the owners all the subsidies and drag even more people into fuel poverty. Why would anyone want to build something that is insufficient and just a monstrosity on Scotland’s landscape.

  4. Bob – speaking as one with a nuclear power station just 15miles down the coast from me, I would hope you would not refer to my objections to the many windfarms in my area as ‘NIMBY’. As I’ve pointed out here before, the area is at huge risk of being swamped by wind turbines. Let me repeat the recent ones. Cover Community windfarm, Helensburgh windfarm, Ailey Road turbine, Corlic Hill, Flatterton Farm area, areas near Cornalees, hills above Innellan, hills above Loch Long.

    This is an interesting move from A&B, acknowledging the damaging visual effects and sets a precedent. The criticisms of the Corlic Hill windfarm can equally be levied at most of the current A&B applications.

    I therefore fully expect that the plans at Helensburgh and Loch Loch will be refused on this basis at the very least – after all if it’s not appropriate for A&B residents to look at a development in Inverclyde, the same must be true to Inverclyde residents looking towards A&B..

    I did not used to be against windfarms per se, but over the last year, my eyes have been opened and am completely unconvinced of any benefits to anyone other than large energy companies. The scraps offered to communities are so paltry and have so many strings attached that I fear they are being led up the garden path, and cannot turn back until it’s too late.

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