Community councils taking shape

Voting will not be needed for most community councils in Helensburgh and Lomond, as fewer people were nominated in the recent elections than the number of seats available.

But residents will be able to vote in the national park areas of Arrochar & Tarbet and Luss & Arden – while too few people were nominated in Garelochhead and Rosneath & Clynder.

Argyll and Bute Council has said that for these ‘inquorate’ areas ‘a further by-election process will be undertaken’, but details of this are not yet available.

Postal votes will be used in the villages where a contest is required, with voting papers issued from Thursday October 17. Election day, and the final day for returning postal votes, is Thursday October 31.

The uncontested elections in Cardross, Cove & Kilcreggan, Helensburgh and Rhu & Shandon mean that these community councils will now have the following members:

Cardross: Cameron, Josephine; Crowe, Michael; Davey, Anthony G: Duncan, Eric; Hollywood, James BA; Murray, Robert; Steele, Andrea A; Steven, Gail J; Stirling, Duncan; Trust, Patrick.

Cove & KIlcreggan: Auld, John; Barr, Graham; Davies, Paul N M; Edwards, Sheena; Howard, Fiona C; Logue, Thomas; MacDonald, Murdo J; Murdoch, Christine M.

Helensburgh: Aitken, Sonja L; Allan, David; Carrie, Allan S; Currie, Margaret L; Deane, Hendry; Drummond, Neil D; Durrani, Tariq; Fraser, Ian M; Gildea, Alison; Gillies, Marion C; Hendrie, Darrel T; MacQuire, Ian; Miller, Nigel; Muir, Norman; Noble, Henry S; Paton, Laura A; Sinclair, David; Tacchi, John M

Rhu & Shandon: Baker, Fiona M C; Barman, Margaret; Birch, Olivia; Burnett, Jayne KE; Cook, Jean; Duncan, James; Duncan, Linda; Fleming, Brian; King, Gordon; Lamb, Timothy C; Nicolson, Andrew; Pollok-Morris, Margaret J P; Rudram, Jack M; Sandeman, Ronald L.

Ten seats are available in Arrochar & Tarbet, with voters choosing from these candidates: Bax, Anne; Greenwood, Ellen M, Haggarty, Mary I; Kay, Ian; Kinvig, Timothy; Lowe, William A; MacDonald, Ronald; Mustarde, Jean V; Page, Diana; Ross, Ronald; Queen, Joan; Wright, Shauna K.

These candidates will compete for eight seats in Luss & Arden: Bissett, David; Colquhoun, Katherine; Farrell, Patrick; Gourlay, John W R; MacEachern, Ian; Marshall, Iain R; Pretswell, David; Robertson, Peter; Walker, Alyson.