Seafront roadworks at least five weeks behind schedule

The controversial CHORD works on Helensburgh seafront will not be finished until five weeks after the scheduled completion date, it was revealed today.

And the work on West Clyde Street could go on even longer – until October 28.

Traders in the town were furious that the road outside their shops was dug up at the busiest time of the year, with work starting in May.

As recently as July 25 a newsletter published by contractors Maclay Civil Engineering Ltd said the West Clyde Street work would be complete by mid-September.

But today (September 5) the company said:

“We have undertaken substantially revised works associated with existing services which could not have been foreseen. This has led to the need for changes to street lighting design and revisions to pipe routes etc.

“As a result of this, we have recently agreed to extend the working duration for Phase 1 A, under agreement with Argyll and Bute Council for a period of 5 weeks past the original completion date.

“This puts the estimated completion date at October 14 but further additional works to the road, could extend this by a further two weeks and these are currently being discussed with ABC representatives.”

A one-way system has been in place since the work started, with east-bound traffic using a diversion along Princes Street, and the work has caused chaos for shoppers in the town.

Maclay say work has been progressing ‘at pace’, with footpath granite being laid, adding: “We can advise that the shops can remain open whilst we work, as we undertake the work early morning and late at night at each shop entrance.

“Given the maze of pedestrian barriers needed to maintain access, we have installed additional signage to control pedestrian through routes and direct access to the shops.”

Traders in the town started a protest petition when they heard that the West Clyde Street work would be carried our during their busiest period, but Argyll and Bute Council said the timing could not be changed.

Claims for compensation are still being considered however.

The contractors’ July newsletter stated that additional ducting had been installed ‘to accommodate wifi throughout the town’; a council spokesperson said the operational details about wifi availability still had to be agreed and once this had been done a press release would be issued.

Latest photographs of the work are in the slideshow below.

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  1. So the work had to be done over the summer to avoid bad weather and now? It’ll be finished in late autumn during the bad weather. And surely any reasons for delay would have been spotted in the early stages?

  2. Now there’s a surprise ! I agree with the comment above – extending the works into the autumn destroys the argument that the work needed to be completed in the summer. Watch out , traders , the works will reappear next summer to “remedy” work carried out this autumn.

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