Blooming good show!

Cove Burgh Hall was packed last weekend for the annual RNLI Flower Show, which raised £1,519.14 for the charity – £150 more than last year. Prizewinners are listed below:

The Dorothy Geddes Trophy, Class 29  Herbs: Christine Francis

The Dorothy & Alan Will RNLI Trophy, Class 30.  Arrangement of vegetables: Jim Auld

Friendship Cup, Classes 31-38 (Jams Jellies etc): Mollie Bradshaw

The Ardardan Cup, Classes 39-48: Penny Elles

RNLI Trophy, 2 to 4 years: Verity Ann Underwood

RNLI Trophy, 5 to 9 Years: Cammy Glendinning

RNLI Trophy, 10 to 14 Years: Claire Watson

Silvers Marine Trophy – Overall Winner: Mollie Bradshaw

Beechgrove Garden Cup, Classes 1-8: Jeanette Caldwell

Peninsula Magazine Trophy, Class 9, Foliage and berry arrangement: Christine Francis

Lovedale Trophy, Class 11,  Red, White & Blue Flower arrangement: Marion Brown

Janet Hamilton Rose Bowl, Class 12, Flower arrangement in a basket: Marion Brown

Kay Turner Cup, Class 13, Single Rose: Alex Davidson

The Bill Cowan Memorial Trophy, Classes 14 – 18: Celia MacAskill


  1. Does anyone know who grew/donated the corn-on-the-cob that I bought at the veg stall after the show? The corn was just beautiful, and so fresh – reminded me of my earlier years in New York where you picked the corn or bought it from the farm stand and ran from the car to the pot of boiling water, because every hour added after the corn’s picked means it’s less sweet. Most corn here has been shipped from god knows where, so to have two ears of corn that definitely tasted local was just amazing! Would just like to thank the grower(s) if they can be identified! And would gladly book a purchase nest summer!

  2. Heather Bryceland who grew 2 although there were 2 entries of corn and I can’t remember who grew the second lot , perhaps Jim A.

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