£900 per week – the cost of council road accidents

Levelled: The gateposts at Rosneath's cemetery were hit three times by council vehicles, residents say.
Levelled: The gateposts at Rosneath’s cemetery were hit three times by council vehicles, residents say.

Damage to property caused by vehicles has cost Argyll and Bute Council nearly £234,000 in the last five years.

The figure was revealed under the Freedom of Information Act after an inquiry by Erik Shields, of Rosneath, about vehicles operated by the council.

He discovered that over five years the amount paid out was £233,907.36 for 142 claims.

A council spokesperson said of the damage costs: “This is around 28 claims a year.

“The council has a fleet of more than 450 vehicles across Argyll and Bute which travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year.

“Included in the figure are incidents such as traffic collisions with vehicles and property.

“The costs are for repairs, sometimes car hire for third parties and some claims for general inconvenience which can include costs for stamps and mobile phone charges.”

She said the council could not comment on individual cases, ‘but would ask anyone who wants to make a claim to write to us with the details and this can be dealt with in the correct manner.’


  1. Given the size of the county, the number of vehicles operated by the council and the tendency for some individuals to “milk” insurance claims I’m surprised that it’s only £50k a year.

  2. Added to the cost of damage to the vehicles themselves?
    I’m intrigued that stamps were mentioned as part of such large costs by the way – are they Penny Black originals?

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