£10,000 lottery payout for burgh hall

A £10,000 lottery boost has been given to the volunteers who run Cove Burgh Hall.

The grant from the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All programme, when added to a similar amount raised by the hall team, will mean two projects can go ahead.

The kitchen will be completely renovated in September  and the second stage of the ladies’ WC upgrade is now scheduled for next spring.

Chairman Jim McDowall said: “We are delighted to receive this award. It will enable us to complete two projects that have been under consideration for some years, and which were always just out of financial reach.

“On completion, we can truly say we have a 19th century building offering a 21st century experience. Special thanks go to director Simon Malzer for all his hard work in making this happen.”

The hall was first opened in 1893, and was taken over by the local community in 2000 when Argyll and Bute Council said it was too costly to run.

All the funds created by fundraising events and hire charges go into the maintenance and improvement of the hall, which is a year-round task.

This year has already seen roof work, (the removal of an old ventilation system), gutter improvements, woodworm eradication, a stowage upgrade and storeroom renovation.

A new hot water boiler has been installed which serves the ladies’ WC and the main hall floor, which undergoes significant wear and tear, has been resurfaced – it should now be good for another three years.

The existing kitchen was installed when the hall was acquired by the community but since then, increased usage has demonstrated that it is no longer fit for purpose.

The new kitchen will allow greater storage, increased oven capacity and the installation of a large larder fridge.

The improvements to the ladies’ toilet include more energy efficient water usage, extra cubicles, and a general upgrade to decor and facilities.

Work will start in the next few weeks and will be completed in phases by next summer.

This extended time is to allow the hall to continue in use for hirers over the busy autumn and spring seasons.

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