A facelift for landmark Tut Tut


Volunteers have given one of Kilcreggan’s best-known faces a new look.

Tut Tut, the rock on the shoreline which was first painted in 1851, had been looking pale and worn, after being battered by the elements since it was last painted several years ago

So Gail Young and a group of helpers rolled up their sleeves to prepare the surface by chipping and brushing, before painting it this weekend.

Gail said she wanted to thank John Jarvie, Julie Wright, Abigail Brown, Neil Young, Tony Belk and all the boys and girls who helped to scrape and clean Tut Tut before the painting started.

She added: “Also we would like to thank Cove and Kilcreggan Community Council for the money to buy the paint and Kilcreggan post office for providing the brushes.

“It was needing done as most of the paint had come off and I wanted it to be returned to its former glory.”

Gail, who runs the popular Kilcreggan Memories Facebook page, said Tut was 162 years old this year and was given his name after King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in Egypt in 1922.

The slideshow here shows some of the work in progress:

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And here are some historic images of this local landmark

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