Free parking during road works

Parking chaos caused by the CHORD works on Helensburgh has led to charges being dropped on some car parks in the town.

Argyll and Bute Council is providing limited short term free parking on the pier hesd opposite the swimming pool and in Sinclair Street car park.

This will mean free parking for up to one hour in a total of 63 spaces.

The council says parking bays will be marked and signposted and only when this is complete later this week will free parkiing become available.

Lead councillor for Helensburgh and Lomond, Richard Trail said: “This move will compensate for the loss of on-street parking in Helensburgh while the CHORD works are taking place.

“We are doing all we can to minimise disruption, allow trading to continue as normally as possible and send the message that Helensburgh is still open for business. I am sure the improved parking will go some way towards helping.”

The controversial CHORD project involves ‘extensive high quality public realm works, soft landscaping, street lighting and public artwork’ both in the town centre and along the West Bay Esplanade.

As well as forcing drivers to use a temporary one-way system, roadworks mean drivers cannot park on West Clyde Street.


  1. It should be Free every where until complete. and there should be NO PARKING AT ALL in lower Sinclair Street to the Clyde St lights, this is a big choke point.

  2. Yep agree even when police patrol the street people still park. It is a joke that people can’t walk 300 yards from the car park, just pure lazy. A few more tickets I think would soon put a stop to it. 123 Tickets I think in 12 months, they could get that in one day. Then everyone could have free parking, they say “I was only there for 2 mins” well the rule is “No parking between 09:00 and 18:00” what do these people not understand. It’s quite simple and not that difficult to understand is it. Rant over LOL

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