Closure threat lifted from peace camp

The future of Faslane Peace Camp has been secured, after weeks of uncertainty which saw residents saying it might be closed and turned into a garden area.

The latest in a series of meetings saw individuals, including past and present residents, travel from all over the UK to offer their time and support to keep the camp running.

A statement issued this week said that a stronger group of residents had been created – there had been just four previously – as well as a wider network of support.

Angus, a resident of the last two years said: “Taking the camp away now, when, if we do not get independence, or the independence we do get does not deliver full and speedy disarmament, we will be faced with Trident and its replacement 30 miles from Glasgow for the next 60 years.

“Giving up this peace and symbol of the 30 years of resistance here would be regrettable and in the context of the worst possible timing.

“We have been overwhelmed with the support that our letter has generated and the future of the camp looks exciting and promising.”

An open letter on the peace camp’s website had said that for the last two years a small group had been rebuilding the camp as a community of anti-nuclear action but the hope of growing in numbers had not been achieved.