Independents to retake control of council

A statement released by the Independent group in Argyll and Bute indicates that the will emerge from a year in opposition to control the authority next week.

Cllr Bruce Marshall, from Strone, released the following statement this morning (Friday), acting as the Independent group’s secretary: “A meeting of around two dozen elected members of Argyll and Bute Council agreed in principle today to work together for the benefit of the people of Argyll and Bute.

“This agreement in principle is subject to confirmation early next week.  An interim leader of the council will be agreed and announced at the same time.

“No further information will be issued until the agreement is ratified by the various political groups involved.”

Helensburgh’s James Robb (SNP) resigned as council leader earlier this week following the collapse of his attempt to form an administration including Lib Dems and Conservatives.

Favourite to lead the council is the veteran Dick Walsh, who lost power in last year’s elections; if this is confirmed at next Thursday’s meeting of the full council he would be the third leader of the Lochgilphead-based authority in little over a year.

The council has 36 members, so the Independents’ figure of 24 councillors would give them a clear majority.


    • The longest interruption followed him being censured by the ombudsman over a planning application in Cowal, when Allan MacAskill was leader of that ‘group’ for a few years.

  1. Why Walsh? Repeating the same mistake over and over, expecting a different outcome, is a good definition of insanity. Oban ‘Airport’, ‘Never Seconds’, the school closure debacle and numerous other stupidities; all while Walsh was in charge, so he’s either incompetent or malicious. Why not let the voter decide; perhaps time for Argyll to go for Swiss style direct democracy.

  2. The “no seconds” was Under SNP

    Oban airport was under MacAskill

    It was an SNP spokes person that brought the
    School CONSULTATION proposals forward

    • The consultation was largely conducted before the SNP took power; more fool them for not binning everything left by the previous administration or at least giving it close examination, but hardly all their fault. The ‘Never Seconds’ occurred because of stalinist intolerance on the part of ABC’s PR department; who set this policy is open to question, but it’s more likely to have been the previous administration than the new one. There’s a theme developing here; the SNP were shambolic, badly run and failed to identify the bear traps the previous administration left for them to step into.

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