Petition bid to delay CHORD work

Worried traders in Helensburgh have launched a petition in a bid to delay the controversial CHORD project.

The first phase of the redevelopment is due to start next Tuesday (May 7) and businesses in West Clyde Street say it will mean ‘ barriers, closing the road, a one way traffic system and general disruption and mess’.

Traders are angry that the 18-week programme of work – revealed here – will be mainly in the summer months, when the seaside town is busy with visitors.

And they dismiss arguments by Argyll and Bute Council manpower is cheaper in the summer and the quality of work would be better.

A petition here states:

As a seaside town Helensburgh relies on the summer months to carry our businesses throughout the year.

In the current economic climate we cannot afford to lose the extra business which tourism provides over the summer months – tourism which will be destroyed should this work go ahead.

Should the businesses of Helensburgh be so adversely affected by such works, the future of Helensburgh as a whole will be affected.

The petition calls on the council, which has awarded the contract for the work to Maclay Civil Engineering, to delay the Clyde Street work, adding:  “We believe that there is no justifiable reason for the work to be carried out during the summer months and can be carried out just as effectively, both in quality and cost, over the winter months when business will not be affected.“

If that is not possible, the petition calls for businesses affected to be compensated for the loss of revenue.


  1. Must admit I really can’t understand how and why so much of our money is being spent on this CHORD stuff at all, but this timing seems daft. And why did they have to **** around with the square? That ‘vote’ where the status quo wasn’t an option – another waste of money.

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