Residents urged to have a say on plan for the future

Villagers will have the chance to have their say on plans for the area’s future at a meeting next month.

A planning officer from Argyll and Bute Council will attend the next Rosneath and Clynder Community Council meeting on Monday April 8 to discuss the Local Development Plan (LDP).

Anyone from the Peninsula attends with concerns about the LDP will be able to ask questions and look at maps and documents which outline proposed areas of local development. The meeting is open to the public from the whole peninsula.

The draft consultation period ends on April 29 and responses (representation) must be received by 5pm.

The council says the document’s focus is on creating new jobs and investment opportunities, new ‘homes for people to live in’ and infrastructure including roads and superfast broadband.

The plan – available online here – aims to provide a vision of how Argyll and Bute’s land will be used over the next 10 years in response to perceived challenges such as population loss and climate change.

Following the consultation period any necessary changes will be made to the plan before being approved by the council and sent on to Scottish Ministers.

The Rosneath meeting starts at at 7.30pm in the Howie Pavilion.

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