Landowners told to replant 109 trees

Waste land - trees were cut down in 2011
Waste land – trees were cut down in 2011

A long-running campaign has seen landowners ordered to replant more than 100 trees which were cut down in Helensburgh.

Cumberland Avenue has been the centre of controversy since June 2011, when the trees were removed despite a tree preservation order being in place,

The action by Argyll and Bute Council has been welcomed by Helensburgh Community Woodlands Group (HCWG).

Convener David Adams said: ““Local people have shown remarkable patience over the past 18 months, while Argyll and Bute Council has investigated what we have always considered to have been the unlawful felling of trees at Cumberland Avenue.

“The owners have now been issued with a formal notice to replant over 100 trees by November 15, together with a very detailed set of instructions on how this should be done properly.

“These instructions include the requirement to clear the debris away from the site before replanting takes place.

“We trust that the owners will now take their responsibilities seriously and work with the council and in accordance with the wishes of local people to put right the eyesore they created in 2011.”

The tree replacement notice has been served on Margery Ray Osborne and Thomas Henry Luigi Paterson, the owners of the former woodland, ordering them to replant a total of 109 individual trees.

The felling of the protected Cumberland Avenue an on-site public demonstration and HCWG has led a public campaign to ensure the woods are replanted. This has included the presentation of a petition signed by 250 people to Roddy McCuish, then leader of Argyll and Bute Council. MP Alan Reid and local councillors have also visited the site.

The tree replacement notice is a detailed 19 page document that can be accessed below. This sets out the precise arboricultural requirements that must be complied with, along with the relevant legislation under it has been issued. It also notifies the owners of their rights to appeal.

Tree replanting notice


  1. Interesting that this notice replaces one dated 12.02.2013. Why was it necessary to issue a replacement notice – did A&B council make an error on the original one ?

  2. Great news! This should send a clear message to developers that you can’t just decimate woodland area (using an invalid pretence) in order to gain planning permission to replace green space with housing! Well done HCWG for the hard work and diligence in ensuring A&B took this matter seriously. Lets hope the landowners comply promptly!

  3. This is great news that Argyll And Bute have finally decided to uphold tree preservation orders. Well done HCWG for maintaining the pressure!

  4. Well done all friends of HCWG for showing the Council that developers cannot take the law into their own hands and trample over the local voters.

  5. For too long developers in Helensburgh (and no doubt further afield) have got away with sneaky moves such as removing trees at the weekends then paying a meagre, and well-affordable, fine for the privilege. I can remember such events from years back. Thanks to A&B Council and HCWG it can now be seen that if you break the rules there will be retribution, not least of which is the loss of good reputation.

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